Cow Gallery: Photos courtesy of Kirk Tuck Photography


Artist: Laura Stutz

Sponsor: Round Rock Express Baseball Club


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UGC (User Generated Cow)

Artist: Eric Schwartz

Sponsor: Bazaarvoice

Location: The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (Lobby)

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Bat Cow

Artist: D.J. Stout and Faith Schexnnayder

Sponsor:  TWG Plus: Whitney Group

Location: The Batcow is now hanging upside down from the center arch of the Congress Ave Bridge right over the river!

Partying with Picowso

Artist: Allison Gregory

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (North Congress Ave and MLK Boulevard)



Artist: Elizabeth C. Sullivan

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve & Milton Verret

Location: Hilton Hotel Austin Downtown

Armoodillo Cow

Artist: Marybell Cruz

Sponsor: Tito’s Handmaide Vodka

Location: III Forks Restaurant

Austin Bluebonnets Cow

Artist: Marybell Cruz

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve & Milton Verret

Location: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Austin’s Far Out! Cow’s on the Moon!

Artist: Christy Kale

Sponsor: H-E-B

Location: Hancock Center (Near H-E-B)

Barton Springs Eternal

Artist: Christy Kale

Sponsor: Moreland Properties

Location: Abel’s on the Lake + Hula Hut (On the Median)

Bats on the Moo-ve

Artist: Adriana Gerbig (

Sponsor: BCS Concrete Structures

Location: Perry’s Steakhouse

Blazing Bovine

Artist: Doug Naugle

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve & Milton Verret

Location: Guerro’s Taco Bar (South Congress)

Chia Cow

Artist: Nathan Alcantara

Sponsor: GSD&M

Location: Perla’s (South Congress)


Artist: Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin

Sponsor: The Driskill

Location: The Driskill

Cowpital, City within a Park

Artist: Robin Tripaldi

Sponsor: RunTex

Location: RunTex

Eye Cowrumba!

Artist: Kimberly K. Smith

Sponsor: Sterling Affairs

Location: Long Center (Main Box Office)

Hairy Deer, Play a Tune

Artist: Bobby Hamric

Sponsor: Fiserv

Location: Frost Bank Lobby (Lobby)

Happy People

Artist: Sabrina Blanco

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve & Milton Verret

Location: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Hill Country BeauxVine & Cheese

Artist: Leanna Surina

Sponsor: The Driskill

Location: The Driskill Hotel

Night Mooves

Artist: Anne Crossway

Sponsor: Tracy and Rob Solomon

Location: Jewish Community Center

Once in a Blue Moo

Artist: Lewis Signs

Sponsor: Rodeo Austin

Location: The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum


Artist: Heidi Crockett

Sponsor: Texas Disposal Systems, Inc.

Location: City Hall Plaza

Shodo Ushi

Artist: Tim Carroll

Sponsor: Meghan Riley

Location: Paggi House

Tacky Tourist

Artist: HomeAway Employees

Sponsor: HomeAway Employees

Location: HomeAway


Artist: Laura Sturtz

Sponsor: 44Doors

Location: Garrido’s, End of 3rd Street

Texas Sports Holstein of Fame

Artist: Robert Hurst

Sponsor: Roger Beasley Import High Line Group

Location: 5th and Lamar (Starbuck’s)

Wildflower Cow

Artist: Caroline Wright

Sponsor: 44Doors

Location: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Cookies & Milk: 100 Years of Girl Scout Cookies

 Artist: Heidi Crockett

Sponsor: BOB-FM

Location: Haufman Park (across from Cithy Hall)


 Artist: Jan Heaton

Sponsor: The Leipsner Family

Location: The W Hotel


 Artist: Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve

Location: Frost Bank Lobby

CowJunto Music

Artist: Elizabeth Sullivan

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve

Location: Mexi-Arte Museum (419 Congress Avenue)


Artist: Dale Whistler

Sponsor: Central Texas Chevy Dealers

Location: The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum


Artist: Ranch Design (Yuki Gottschaldt and John Danenberger)

Sponsor: ABC Home & Commercial Services

Location: Uchiko (4200 N. Lamar, #140)

Cow of Texas

 Artist: Sabrina Blanco

Sponsor: KLBJ-AM

Location: Fleming’s (2nd Street)

Cow Quarium

 Artist: Le Green Schubert

Sponsor: Lone Star Overnight

Location: Frost Tower, 4th & Congress

Curly Q Cow

Artist: Kimberly K. Smith

Sponsor: Bury+Partners, Inc.

Sponsor: City Hall, 2nd Street, btween Lacava and Guadalupe


 Artist: Sharon Keshishian

Sponsor: Whole Foods Market

Location: Whole Foods: 6th & Lamar


 Artist:  Melanie Hickerson

Sponsor: Annette Renaud

Location: The Ashton (101 Colorado St.)

Flower Power Cowlection, “Esther Eloise”

 Artist: Julia Ann McDonald

Sponsor: Strasburger & Price

Location: Whole Foods: 5th & Lamar

Gilded Lily

 Artist: Dianne Sonnenberg

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve

Location: 816 Congress St. (8th & Congress)

Got Color?

Artist: Robert R. (Bob) Jones

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve and Milton Verret

Location: Carver Museum: East Austin b/t 12th and 11th

Guitar Cow

Artist: Mary Ruden

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve and Milton Verret

Location: Austin City Hall

I Love Moo

 Artist: Angi Gahler

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve

Location: Pfluger Bridge: South Entrance

I’ve Got the Moosic In Me

Artist: Kati Alcantara

Sponsor: KLBJ-FM

Location: Seaholm Intake Station Area

Just Moo It

 Artist: Carolyn Kilday

Sponsor: ABC Home & Commercial Services

Location: Uchi, 801 South Lamar

Kaleidescope Kow

Artist: Anna Bradley

Sponsor: Hahn, Texas

Location: Hahn, Texas: 11th & Lamar

Leche Fresca (Fresh Milk)

 Artist: Fidencio Duran

Sponsor: Austin Pediatric Surgery

Location: Mexican American Cultural Center (600 River Street)

Life Savers Cow

 Artist: Greg Miller

Sponsor: Milton Verret

Location: 11th & Congress

Magnetic Cow

 Artist: Jill Bedgood

Sponsor: Catellus Development Corporation

Location: Mueller Central, near Lake Park

Mazy Moo

Artist: Susi Alcantara

Sponsor: 44Doors

Location: The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

Miss Chemoo

 Artist: Kathleen Ash

Sponsor: Embassy Suites Austin

Location: Embassy Suites: Congress & Barton Springs


 Artist: Robert Kotrola

Sponsor: Horizon Bank

Location: Horizon Bank, 6th & Congress


Artist: Terrell Powell

Sponsor: Breed & Co.

Location: Breed & Co. Store, 29th Street (near Guadalupe)


 Artist: Amy Outtle & The Bazaarvoice Team

Sponsor: Bazaarvoice

Location: 2nd & Congress

Moosic Capital

 Artist: Sharon Roy Finch

Sponsor: Coats Rose

Location: 2nd & Congress

Moo-sy in the Sky with Diamonds

 Artist: Allison Gregory

Sponsor: 44Doors

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Austin


 Artist: Oscar Galvan

Sponsor: Public Strategies, Inc.

Location: 98 San Jacinto Building (Near Four Seasons Hotel)


 Artist: Angi Gahler

Sponsor: The Kemple Family

Location: GSD&M, 6th Street

Morning Glory & Death

Artist: Cheryl D. Latimer

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: Lamar between 5th and 6th (near Chico’s)

Musicowly Speaking

Artist: Robin Tripaldi

Sponsor: Long Center

On Your Mark, Get Set, Moo

Artist: Dale Whistler

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: Auditorium Shores Entrance, 1st and Riverside

Peace, Love and Harmooooony

Artist: Austin Harmony Project, Inc.

Sponsor: KGSR

Location: Shady Grove: Barton Springs

Remember the Alamoo

 Artist: Mari Spacek

Sponsor: BCS Concrete Structures

Location: Littlefield Building, 6th & Congress

Texas Cow-try Summer Nights

 Artist: Leanna A. Surina

Sponsor: U.S. Money Reserve

Location: Auditorium Shores

Texas Moosicians

 Artist: Mitch Brookman

Sponsor: Milton Verret

Location: W Hotel, 2nd Street and Lacava

Texas Road Trip Cow

Artist: Carolyn Kilday

Sponsor: Embassy Suites Austin

Location: Embassy Suites: I-35, just south of 290


 Artist: Sage Gibson

Sponsor: Austin Film Society

Location: Austin Studios

The Ol’ Cowskin

Artist: Josh Speirs

Sponsor: Beck

Location: Taverna Restaurant, 258 West 2nd Street

Thriller Cow

 Artist: Gregg Miller

Sponsor: Milton Verret

Location: North Side of the Pfluger Bridge

Udderly Austin

 Artist: Patti Schermerhorn

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: Lamar & Toomey, 218 S. Lamar Blvd.

Western Cow

Artist: Nichelle Notabartolo

Sponsor: Ward North American Austin

Location: Seaholm Intake Station Area

Batsy at Twillight

Artist: Linda Figg

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: Dell Children’s Museum, 201 Colorado St.

A Psy-COW-dellic COW-ssword Puzzle

Artist: Allison Gregory

Sponsor: 101X

Location: KENICHI, 419 Colorado Street

A MOO-sical MOO-saic

Artist: Allison Gregory

Sponsor: Schlotzsky’s

Location: 201 Colorado Street